The New York Dollhouse

Sold Out

Started by a Father and a Son. The Mother & Wife, saw to it being finished. She brought it to us. We were able to update all the windows, repair some of the clapboard siding. We were able to update the entire front porch, by replacing the rails, posts, lattice and laser cut detail. The stone foundation is original and only minor patching. The front steps were completely refinshed with cherry strips and quarter round bull nosing. The interior was completely wired by us. Almost every room was wallpapered by us as well. The kitchen has its original paneling and real slate floor. The Foyer has its original paneling and staircase. The livingroom arch walls and paneling are original. We were able to match the panels on the remaining living room walls. She is now hoping this house can soon be shared with everyone. Please contact us if you know of a museum, library, or another public area, that would be happy to show this house off, so everyone can enjoy it.

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