Real Brick on a Mesh Sheet

  • Model: MH5400
  • Manufactured by: Miniature House


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ITS BACK!!!  Covers 72 sq inches

These pieces of brick are already spaced for you and laid out on a mesh backing, so you can easily trim them to fit, glue them down and grout in between the bricks, half the labor if done, since you do not need to glue each brick on by hand one at a time or worry about spacing them out.

You will need a small brick ship or tile cutter in order to cut them bricks themselves. The mesh can be cut with scissors or a box cutter/knife. We recommend gluing it on with white glue combined with quick grab as well, for a faster hold. Then once dry you can grout it with light weight spakle or use the magic system stucco product, wich makes a great grout too!


each Brick is 9/16"L x 3/8"W x 1/8"

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