Doorplates & Knobs, Brass

  • Model: CE1762100
  • Manufactured by: Clare Bell Brass


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These knobs go completely through the hole you drill in your door and they thread into each other, for a tight and secure door knob.

Knob is 1/4" diameter

plates are: 9/32" wide X 5/8" tall

Screw together knob instructions:    Drill 1/8" diameter hole in door to install doorknobs.


Hint: Lay the door flat on a scrap piece of wood when you drill the hole. The exit point of the drill will not splinter the back of the door.

These 1 inch scale precision machined items are true to scale and have an incredible amount of detail.  Hand detailed miniatures that will give a realistic look to any miniature project.  Step in to Clare-Bell's miniature world.


Made in Maine, U.S.A.


All measurements are approximate.

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