Wainscotting, 4/Pk

  • Model: CLA70239
  • Manufactured by: Classics


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Each sheet measures 3-1/4" wide x 12" long. You can cut them to any height you desire for your wainscotting look. Wainscotting usually goes up 3" high on your wall or up 6" high. These sheets of wainscotting can easily be cut by scoring through it with, an exacto knife, box cutter or other craft knife. We recommend gluing this up with a petroleum based glue like Quick grip. You can use a chair rail or wainscotting topper to cap off your cut edge and trim it nicely.   The wainscotting is made with the detail lines running horizontal (12" long way) you need to cut it yourself. Install them on the walls side by side.  Painting it once it is  installed for over 12 hours and the glue is completely set. Once installed and painted,  As well as sometimes a wallpaper border can be placed above the wainscot too!

Unfinished basswood, ready to paint or stain

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