Large Room Box Kit with a window and door hole

  • Manufactured by: Tom's Mill


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This box is the same size as the large and it also includes the sliding glass front. We added a little interst to this box. There is a door and window hole in the back and a removeable false back wall 2" behind that for an additional display area. This allows you to decorate outside the window with perhaps a bird sitting on a tree limb or some bushes or flowers showing through the window.
The exterior box measures 16" wide x 10" tall x 12" deep overall EXTERIOR dimensions. The room itself is only 10" deep made with 3/8" wood material

1/12th scale Dollhouse kit 1" = 1'

Unfinished and Unassembled - detailed assembly instructions included

Handmade, by us, here in New Hampshire

The window opening is 2-1/2" x 5"  AC 1001

The door opening is 3" x 7-1/2"  CLA76018

The Beautiful Flower shop room box was completly made by Evelyn Salas

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