Manchester Milled Dollhouse Kit

  • Manufactured by: Tom's Mill


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The clapboard siding is Milled directly into the Sides and Front, so the exterior sides are ready to be sealed and painted. Now includes two third floor dormer holes to let in more light and add interest to the exterior.
1/12th scale Dollhouse kit 1" = 1'  

A typical Victorian. 10 rooms including the center halls
The Mansard roof allows for maximum space for your furniture layout
plus the one room in the tower that makes a great artist's studio or attic.
This house has house a little nook at the end of the second floor hall. The tower is wider then the hall, so it makes the perfect little nook. The third floor hall has a very nice width allowing for a sitting room area as well as the stair case too.

34'' wide by 18'' deep

Shell kit only includes all 3/8" precision cut parts.

Windows, doors, siding, paint, trim, and other finish materials are optional extras, see below. Finished structures are shown for ideas only.

Handmade in New Hampshire

Also pictured with an optional special order ADDITION

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