Barnstead Smooth Dollhouse Kit

  • Manufactured by: Tom's Mill


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A farmhouse, like those, that dot the Midwest. The Included farmers front porch adds the most charm, neatly tucked in place.

1/12th scale Dollhouse kit 1" = 1'

Shell kit only includes all 3/8" precision cut parts.

Windows, doors, siding, paint, trim, and other finish materials are optional extras. Finished structures are shown for ideas only.

36"wide by 22" deep. 9 or 10 rooms. You choose to install an optional first floor partition, that would give you a separate front hall or a large living room. With the 22" deep side of the house, you can easily put your dining room in the front part of the house and kitchen near the back, with plenty of room on the other side of the house for a living room.

Handmade in New Hampshire


* The Yellow house pictured below was modified by a craftsman and shown for ideas only!

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