Groveton Milled in Dollhouse Kit


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1/12th scale Dollhouse kit 1" = 1'

This house (patterned after an actual one in MA) was originally built as a colonial. During the Federal period, the eaves were extended, pediments placed above the windows, and pilasters were added on the corners. Updated again in Victorian times with bay windows, and a gable dormer.

Shell kit only includes all 3/8" precision cut parts.

The sides of this house have milled in clapboard siding, the front is left smooth, so you can finish it to your liking.

Windows, doors, paint, trim, and other finish materials are optional extras. Finished structures are shown for ideas only.

32'' wide by 16'' deep. 9 or 10 rooms, depending on your choice to install one or two partions on the third floor. See both ideas in pictures below. As well what the house looks like with an addition too!

Handmade in New Hampshire

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