Rye Milled Dollhouse Kit

  • Manufactured by: Tom's Mill


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1/12th scale Dollhouse 1" = 1'

This Rye kit comes with milled in clapboard siding. Milled siding is on four of the sides of the first floor. The part around the front door, on the eave overhangs and the dormer are all left smooth, so you can do stone, stucco, paint or siding shingles.

This 1" scale dollhouse is the perfect size. It measures 27'' wide x 22'' deep x 27 1/2'' high. The front porch is 10 1/2'' wide x 7'' deep.

Our houses are made of 3/8"  Fiberboard  for the outside walls. The floors are 3/8"plywood for strength and long life. They come complete with all pieces precision sawn (not stamped) to the finished dimension.

Extra finishing items sold separately are:Windows, doors, shutters, stone, porch post, corner trim, shingles, interior & exterior stairs, 3/8'' edge trim, cedar ridge pieces and porch flooring.

Handmade here, in New Hampshire, by US!!!

Pictures below are for finished ideas, you can do yourself! Our customers have submitted photos with their changes to our Rye dollhouse, for example, turned stairs in the kitchen, shorter foundation and more windows in the dormer!



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