Federal Addition Kit Smooth Exterior

  • Manufactured by: Tom's Mill


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This addition is built to fit our Madison Dollhouse kit. It has the same roof pitch to match perfectly. The addition is 13" x 13" and stands 19-1/4" high. Giving your Madison house two more rooms! It could be a great kitchen or dining room with a bathroom or bedroom above. You will need to cut a door hole in your dollhouse, to be able to enter into the new rooms. These kits are designed to fit on either the left or right side of your dollhouse, depending on how you assemble it. THis addition has a smooth exterior, so it reasdy for you to stucco, side or brick the exterior to suit your taste.

All presion cut 3/8" material included

Windows, trimms and finishings sold separately.

Handmade Here in NEW HAMPSHIRE!

Pictured below some additions with an additonal extra dormer (special order) and Pallidan windows (special order) Plus two interiors decorated inside of an addition. Also a Madison with two additions and extra dormer windows is also pictured.

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