CK804-2 Chandelier Adapter, 11/16

  • Model: CK804-2
  • Manufactured by: Cir Kit


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This ceiling adapter makes a easy quick connect for your Flush ceiling lights.

You wire your hanging ceiling fixture to the brass washer and plastic plate part.

You install the spring loaded eyelets into the tape wire.

The adapter pins slide into the spring loaded eyelets, making your light removeable. In case you need to replace a bulb or move your project, without hurting the lights.

A must have for all flush mounted ceiling fixtures!

Complete illustrated instructions included


One set included (enough to wire one light fixture)

Cir-Kit Concepts is proud to announce its latest marvel, a push-in, pull-out chandelier adapter. For the first time ever, chandeliers can now be made removable using the ceiling plate that is part of most chandelier designs.

The secret of these adapters lies in the use of specially designed spring-loaded eyelets. These eyelets firmly grasp the adapter and securely hold the chandelier to the ceiling. Tests have shown them capable of holding fixtures in excess of four ounces. Most chandeliers weigh in at less than an ounce.

Four different diameters allow usage with almost any existing size chandelier. The brass-plated finish and flush fit results in a matching and beautifully coordinated ceiling plate assembly. When attached they will, in most instances, appear as an integral part of the chandelier ceiling plate itself.

Just remember, you needn't perform major surgery to make your chandelier a plug-in. All that's necessary is a Cir-Kit Concepts' chandelier adapter.

2 Special spring-loaded eyelets (CK1023-6) are included with each adapter. These eyelets grip the adapter plug and ensure a tight fit against the wall.

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