Test Probe

  • Model: CK204
  • Manufactured by: Cir Kit


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This unique tool eliminates forever the need for making your own electrical tester. Constructed with two sharp needles and a self-contained light bulb, the CK204 Test Probe can be used at any point along a conductive tape run for electrical testing or finding a tape run under wallpaper.

Simply push the needles into the copper strips and, if electricity is present, the enclosed bulb will light. The .175" pin spacing makes this handy tool useable with any tape system. It also provides proper spacing for placement of the eyelets when installing the CK801 Sconce Adapter or the CK804 series of Chandelier Adapters. Comes with snap top safety cap. Overall length approximately 2".

The test probe is a 12 volt light with two pins for you to easily poke it into the tape wire to test your connections. If you want to make sure your tape is working, just poke the test probes pins into any straight part of your tape wire, avoiding connections or folds, and it will light up if everything is working!

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