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We did have it listed as a 1960's dollhouse but it was redone in the 60's. Below is the full story from our customer.

We redid this custom house that our customer's great-great-grandfather made for his granddaughter.
We saved some of the original paintings in the house by reframing them.

From Our Customer:

This dollhouse was made by my great-great-grandfather (1844-1932) for my grandmother (1899-1983) in the early 1900's.   It was a replica of my grandmother's Tudor-style house where she grew up. The house had been casually renovated in the 1960's to remove unsafe electrical wiring and update the carpets and walls.  In 2008 a refurbishment by Earth and Tree was needed to remove the lead paint and give the house a fresh look.  Earth and Tree quickly pointed out the J. Hermes wallpaper laid out as paintings, the classic stained glass windows in the attic, the rulers used to make shingles and the antique cigar box used over the living room fireplace.   Customers should know what skill and artistry you have at Earth and Tree - caring for a dollhouse from the early 1900's. You truly did a magnificent job of delicately updating the house (with new wallpaper, lead-free paint, carpeting and tile/wood flooring), while maintaining the charm of the original craftsmanship.  Thanks again, ADS 


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