Dollhouse Project May 2009 - July 2010

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This Dollhouse project took from May 2009 to July 2010 to complete. 

It's a custom Dollhouse we did for our customer. In the center of the rowhouse is her own dollhouse that became part of her San Franciscan building dream. Can you see the orginal house in the center thier are pictures before any work was done. The line drawing is encluded along with assembeld raw shell pictures.

Much inspiration came from the book, "Painted Ladies" by Elizabeth Pomada (Author), and Micheal Larsen (Author). Melodie and Ryan designed  the layout to meet all her wishes. Then it was programmed and ready for assembly. Windows, with multiple colors, were hand painted, as were numerous trims and decorative pieces. This began in Summer 09. The outside was near completion by December 09. Wallpapering, interior woodwork, hand assembled hardwood floors, and other finish work began in January 2010. The building was finished in July 2010.



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