British to American

Translations of our common language as it applies to building miniatures


British  American (New England & Midwestern)
Aga A large cast iron cooking stove
bangers sausages
biro ballpoint pen
boxing day day after Christmas (servants celebrate)
cardboard card stock, not corrugated boxes
centre center
chippings crushed rock or gravel
corn grain
cramps clamps
DIY center building supply
dado chair rail
deal inexpensive wood (like our pine)
diary calendar, day planner, or schedule
drains sewer pipes & eve troughs (rain gutters)
emulsion latex paint
fete fund raising party
gammon ham
geyser type of water heater
ground floor

first floor
first floor

second floor
jelutong tropical wood not readily available in US
jumper sweater or pullover
hoover vacuum cleaner
lime (wood) basswood
loo toilet or bathroom
maize corn
Milliput modeling compound
mitre block miter box
miniature fair miniature show (for sale type)
nappy diaper
one off one of a kind
pavement sidewalk
plank stick
PVA glue like Elmer's
polyfilla spackling compound
pram baby carriage
queue up get in line
Regency part of our Federal period
rising damp moisture coming up from ground into wall
rubber eraser
semidetached duplex
serviette napkin
skirting base board
spanner wrench
terraced house town house or row house
timber lumber
torch flashlight
weatherboard clapboard

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