Dollhouse Roofing

1. Lay your ruler* so that the mark for 1" lines up on the bottom edge of the roof. Hold your ruler so it lines up with the edge of the roof. Rotate the ruler as shown, until the top of the roof lines up with the next inch mark (in this case 8"). Now draw marks on the roof at each inch line on your ruler. Now move the ruler to the right edge of the roof again lining up the same numbers on the top and bottom (in the example, 1" and 8"). Draw marks on this side of roof.
2. Using a thin, straight strip of wood (a yard stick works very well) place the bottom edge of the stick on the first mark on each side. Use push pins or thumb tacks to hold it in place.
3. Place a bead of glue** (Aleene'sTM or Elmer'sTM) along the bottom edge of the roof, and just below the wood alignment strip. Starting on one end, place a shingle against the alignment strip and overlapping the edge of the roof by about 1/8". Continue placing shingles across the entire width of the roof. If the last shingle is too large, you may make it narrower by either cutting it or just break it between your fingers.
4. When the first row is done, move the alignment strip up to the next set of marks on your roof. Run a bead of glue along the top edge of row of shingles you just placed on the roof, and another bead just below the alignment strip. Snap a shingle in half lengthwise (with the grain) to obtain a narrow shingle. Start the second row with this half width shingle so the joints don’t line up with the previous row.
5. Continue up the roof in the same manner remembering to alternate full and half shingles for starting the row so that you avoid having the joints line up. The easiest way to finish off the roof is to use a ridge board. This is a board in the shape of a “V” or a right angle which can be glued to the top of the roof to give a finished look.
* If the shingles you are using are shorter than 1” then you must make a special ‘ruler’ that has lines closer together. e.g. If you are using “Classic” pattern shingles with a 3/4” exposure, then make a ‘ruler’ that has lines every 3/4”. Use this in step 1 the same as a regular ruler. This will give even divisions for the smaller exposure.  
**If you prefer to use a solvent glue (QuickGripTM) apply it to the back of each shingle as you place the shingle on the roof. Do not put beads of glue on the roof as it dries too quickly.  
To simulate SLATE roofing, we use a material that is made of MDF and machined/embossed to look like shingles. Then we cover it completely with black wax shoe polish (Kiwi, Esquire,etc) and buff it with a brush until it shines. Then sprinkle baby power over the roof, and brush off the extra. Actually looks quite good.  
Thatching (still working on a good way) Use coconut fiber. The color and size is about right.  

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