Finishing Sequence

1. Read ALL of the instructions before beginning assembly.

2. Assemble shell

3. Install basic wiring.

4. Apply siding to house. (See Tom's siding and glue tips)

5. Paint siding and porch floors - if you have them.

6. Pain trim, windows, and doors. Some people like to install the windows and doors at this time for appearance; this may be done temporarily by using Mini-Holdtm to secure them.

7. Install trim (trim around roof needs to be installed before shingling).

8. Shingle roof. (See Tom's shingling tips)

9. Paint and install posts and railings. (if applicable)

10. Stain and varnish plywood floor. You can skip this step if you're going to cover the floors with carpet, tile, or hardwood.

11. Paint or paper ceilings (see Wallpapering tips)

12. Paint or paper the walls. If you temporarily installed windows and doors, remove them to facilitate papering.

13. Install carpeting, hardwood or tile flooring.

14. Install electrical outlets.

15. Paint or stain any interior trim such as baseboards, chair rails, window and door casings, and crown mouldings. Paint or stain staircases.

16. Install staircases

17. Install windows and doors and all interior trim and mouldings.

18. Install ceiling fixtures and outlets.

19. Furnish the house and have fun.

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