Wiring Your Dollhouse

PLEASE CALL 603-673-8707 to Schedule a wiring Class! Very flexible dates available

In Store Class only-

$12 deposit required to hold your space in class.

Bring your dollhouse in, assembled and undecorated, for instruction on wiring. Tools and materials all included. Class starts at 10:30 AM and ends when you're finished. (Most are finished by 3pm depending on size of house) Prices vary depending on number of rooms in dollhouse. We wire every room for every option of all floor lamps/ table tamp options and for ceiling lights in every room. When you leave, your house is completely wired for electricity.

Lights not included, most lights are installed at a later date, once the wallpaper has been completed

WIRING CLASS COSTS (including Materials)

#Rooms                Cost              Xformer
Roombox              $105.00            5 Watt
2                          $108.50             

3                          $130.50           10 Watt
4                          $133.00          
5                          $135.50         
6                          $138.00
7                          $140.50

8                          $149.00           20 Watt
9                          $151.50
10                        $154.00
11                        $156.50
12                        $159.00

13                        $167.00          40 Watt
14                        $170.00
15                        $173.00


Instruction and tool use only $50.00 per class

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