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Miniatures & Dollhouses

Welcome to the largest miniatures And Dollhouse store in the North East

We are OPEN 7 days a week! Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday noon - 5pm


Earth and Tree Dollhouse and Miniature Shop Tel: 603-673-8707 Address: 276 State Route. 101 in Amherst NH, Email:  Text (603) 801-5756 is a full service dollhouse miniature store. See Map & directions for GPS information. We offer handcrafted wooden dollhouse kits made by Tom's Mill at Earth and Tree. Earth and Tree builds and finishes the dollhouses here at the shop. We have dollhouse furniture and miniature accessories in 1" scale and half inch and quarter inch scale. We stock a wide variety of gingerbread and dollhouse wood trims, cedar shingles and miniature hardware hinges and doorknobs. You can choose from many styles of dollhouse windows and doors, including Architect's Choice. Miniature lights, electrical supplies, and a class to teach how to wire your dollhouse are offered. Complete the inside of the dollhouse with miniature wallpaper and dollhouse flooring of inlaid wood kits or carpet. Dollhouse dolls and animal pets are at Earth and Tree as well.

Dollhouses and Kits

We stock our own line of dollhouses from Tom's Mill at Earth and Tree. They were originally designed by Tom Berkner at Earth and Tree. He named them all after towns in New Hampshire. All Dollhouse kits come precut with nails for assembly and complete instructions. We use white tacky glue to assemble the pieces. We also have dollhouse porches , dollhouse additions of one or two story, room boxes, wall houses, and half and quarter scale kits. Do-it-yourselfers can choose house plans from Tom's Mill or Architect's Choice.

Affordable Dollhouse Line

This grouping of affordable dollhouses are the only ones to include the finishing components as part of the kit. Architect's choice windows, front door, porch railings and widows walk rails, shutters, gingerbread and bead trims, front corner trim and interior staircases, handmade here in New Hampshire, by us, are included with the affordable dollhouse kit. Choice of milled in siding or smooth finishing surface, in case a stucco or brick finish is desired.

Dollhouse Decorating

It's what we do here every day and we love it. From ceiling to floor, inside and out, and everything in between. We wallpaper the ceilings to cover the tape wire on the ceiling or you could install a plastic sheet resembling a Victorian tin ceiling. Dollhouse wallpaper comes from Mini graphics, Itsy Bitsy, Brodnax Prints, New Creations, Karen's Dollhouse, and German wall panels. Old World Tile faux wall tiles create a look like hand-painted tile backsplashes. Dollhouse flooring includes Brodnax parquet kits, Miniature House tile, Houseworks wood sheets, and assorted hardwood flooring strips to design your own wood floor. Dollhouse Trims are available in basswood, cherry, and walnut. This is our own line of wood trim called Architect's Choice. We have baseboards, crown molding, even gutters for the roof. We also carry Classics, Laser Tech, Houseworks, Northeast and Midwest brands. Unique Miniatures has a line of trims and other detailed products made from a resin composite.

Dollhouse Exteriors

Dollhouse Exterior Supplies In our building materials department we carry many options. Our adhesives section has all our favorite glues, YES dollhouse wallpaper paste, Bond white tacky glue for everything wood, and quick grip for siding and wainscoting. Miniature chimneys & cupolas, we carry an unfinished chimney made by us, so you can finish it yourself in brick or stone, plus finished and unfinished front steps in various sizes to match your chimney. Roofing: from wooden cedar shingles from New York in many different shapes to faux slate shingles on a roll from Penn. we also carry miniature thatching for a cottage, and copper foil for dormer roofs and valleys and asphalt shingles too. To finish the exterior of your dollhouse we offer our own line of stucco and mortar, Yes we do make a lot of things here ourselves! Magic brick is a stencil product that comes in many shapes: bloc, stone, slat and brick, for a very realistic finish on the house itself, foundation or chimney. We stock wooden clapboard siding in 3 1/2" high sheets. Plus separate stones that you can put on piece by piece for a hand built fieldstone finish. Doors and windows from Architect's choice is the mini Window and door line that we make here, from quality wood, with removable panes of plastic, for easy painting.  They have three different styles to choose from: Classic, Traditional and Victorian. They are available in many different sizes 4", 5", 6" and doubles too. We also carry doors and windows from Classics, Houseworks, Unique Miniatures and Laser Tech's Screen doors. We also make interior assembled staircases. They are available in 2", 2 1/2" & 3" widths 11 treads, 12 treads and special order 13 treads.

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Earth and Tree Miniatures & Dollhouses

276 Route 101 #1

Amherst, NH 03031

603-673-8707 Tel

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